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Our Mock Trial Trip To High Wycombe

Our Mock Trial Trip To High Wycombe

Lauren Wright
Lauren Wright
Our Mock Trial Trip To High Wycombe

On Saturday 7th March 2020, a group of Year 8 and 9 students went to High Wycombe Magistrates Court to take part in a Mock Trial competition. This competition lets young people experience different roles in court and show them what they would actually have to do in a real situation. This trip is part of an ongoing commitment at Bushey Meads School to continue providing exciting opportunities for students.

There were in total 8 schools taking part at this competition (in our area). In the competition, our school’s prosecution would go against the other school’s defence and vice versa. Depending on your performance, you would receive a certain amount of points from the judges. The schools which receive first and second place obtain a place at the Regional Finals.

Well Done to the people below for your stellar performances

Year 9 – Beau Waddell – Defence Lawyer

Year 9 – Benji Winslett – Prosecution Lawyer

Year 9 – Henna Nabi – Legal Advisor

Year 9 – Riyana Hirani – Witness

Year 9 – Sophie Lea – Magistrate

Year 8 – Alwen Christhuthananther – Defence Lawyer

Year 8 – Isabella Smith – Prosecution Lawyer

Year 8 – Cheran Sacikaran – Witness

Year 8 – Maz Dokelman – Witness

Year 8 – Olivia Hansen – Witness

Year 8 – Darius Oprea – Usher

Year 8 – Ruby Wheeler – Magistrate

Year 8 – Ruby Richards – Magistrate

We managed to win the competition and all the students had lots of fun and learnt a lot from it. Lets see what they do at the regional finals!

By Cheran Sacikaran

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