Everything Starts With A Thought – Are You Up For The Challenge

Everything Starts With A Thought – Are You Up For The Challenge

Lauren Wright
Lauren Wright
Everything Starts With A Thought – Are...

Everything starts with a thought (and that’s great news because you are in charge of them)!

Do you have those days when it takes every ounce of motivation just to stick your toe out from beneath the duvet in the morning?  The thought of getting involved in the day is just too much to take!  

We might imagine that these feelings would be less likely during lockdown but the lack of a rigid routine just might intensify them – especially as the lockdown extends beyond month three.

So – how can we continue to motivate ourselves to a)do the basics  and b)do something special?  Challenge yourself to get to know your thoughts.  Which ones are not useful and which ones are more desirable?  What triggers your negative thoughts and what improves them?

Here’s a few tips to get you thinking about your thoughts – and to experiment with just how useful they can be to aid motivation. 

Deal with your mood in moments – not months! 

Acknowledge that a tired mood doesn’t need to last an entire day.  It could pass in minutes if you say hi to it, thank it for reminding you that you need a little more self-love today, then ask it respectfully to move on!

Speak to yourself kindly – flip the inner dialogue

Be compassionate to yourself when you’re not feeling like facing the world – it doesn’t mean you’re useless because you’re lacking in energy, it just means that there’s a temporary barrier that needs removing to get you fully on board again.  Think about what that barrier might be – and see if you can begin to construct your thoughts to squish it in size and reduce its perceived dominance!  In simple terms – ask yourself what advice you would give to a friend who was feeling like this – then kindly provide this self-talk to yourself.

Adjust the schedule – enjoy the freedom to create your own 

Eat muesli or tuck into a fry-up just as you sit down to do your work! You’ll look forward to the breakfast treat and before you know it you’ll be steaming ahead with your English comprehension.  By the time you’re on your final hash brown you’ll be writing the conclusion (just turn the egg stains on the page into an interesting humpty dumpty anecdote)!  If learning at breakfast just isn’t your thing; ask yourself – what is your thing then create a learning journey around it.  These opportunities will not last for long – so make the most of the things you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to do and think of them as treats!  If 3 months ago a teacher said you could do your maths in your pyjamas, you’d have jumped at the chance I’m sure.

Act as if you are motivated – just pretend!

If you don’t feel motivated – think about how you might feel if you were.  Just by thinking about this more positive state will in turn help you to feel it.  Change your body position, stand up from the sitting down position, walk around the block or downstairs or in the garden.  Just by creating action and movement – your thoughts will begin to feel uplifted and you might find you can begin a new task.

Have a mini argument with yourself – you might look crazy but no-one’s looking!

If you think you are unable to complete a task, force yourself to list all the reasons why you can complete it!  If you think you’re going to fail; list all of the reasons why you will succeed instead.  You will find that your pessimistic outcome becomes debatable and there is a glimmer of hope that action, initiation and motivation will win that battle.  By removing the power from the negative thought and proving it wrong or even proving it to be doubtable, it will be enough to give you a forward momentum.

Use your support systems

Reach out to your family friends and to us, your teachers.  If you need anything, we are here to help you.  Email us to let us know if a piece of work is tricky.  We can structure it in a different way for you to further help you access it.  Remember – you are never alone.  We miss you and are proud of how you’re all coping during this time.

Until next week – challenge those thoughts and give them the power to work WITH you.

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