Shimmer in English

Lauren Wright
Shimmer in English

Last week Mr. Dawson delivered the breakfast time to Sh9ne session in the sixth form centre. Here’s what Yaasri and Dhwani had to say about it….

For the penultimate ‘Time to Sh9ne’ session, we learnt about how to ace our English Language GCSE exams. While we devoured delicious pastries and hot chocolate, we were given an article to analyse. The aim was to pick out as many persuasive devices in the text as we could. We immersed ourselves in the world of rugby (the subject of the article) and quickly began to annotate the text for persuasive techniques. Firstly, he suggested that we read through the text. Secondly, he suggested that we break down the paragraphs so it is easier to find where the writer has used clear, persuasive, professional, subtle and reasonable tones.

Albeit it was hard at first, we soon got the hang of it and even suggested some key words and phrases that could be magpied for our own exams. Many thanks to Mr Dawson for taking the time to teach us. 

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