Getting to know you!

Lauren Wright
Getting to know you!
During an impromptu conversation with Nehal Pabari (11Oak)during a PE lesson, she explained to me that she had attended Hindu school the weekend before.  As it happened, I was currently teaching Hinduism to my year 8 RE class.
I invited Nehal to pop into one of the RE lessons, to bring the topics we had been discussing to life.  So on Friday of last week Nehal delivered a 20 minute workshop on Hindu beliefs; Weddings, Funerals and Puja (worship and prayer).  The year 8 class were truly appreciative of her time and asked her so many interesting questions.
Luckily for us we were studying the art of Mehndi that day and Nehal just happened to have attended a ceremony the night before where she was able to show her freshly decorated hands to the class.

It’s incredible what you can find out about your students, friends and colleagues in everyday conversations.  Myself and the year 8 class were thrilled that our conversation led to Nehal visiting us .  We were grateful and inspired!  Thank you Nehal.

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