And we’re off- A fabulous week of reading at Bushey Meads!

Danielle Bowe
And we’re off- A fabulous week of...
The reading partners scheme launched on Monday 11th November with a range of year 8 and 9 student buddies meeting their year 10 and 12 reading mentors for 15 minutes during CDC time. Each pair of reading partners will meet once a week to read and discuss books. This is a fantastic leadership opportunity for our year 10 and 12 students-and there’s even a waiting list to take part! We’re hoping to be able to offer this lovely start to the day to as many year 8 and 9 students as possible during the year.
Meanwhile, Mrs Turton, our LRC manager, is into the second month of meeting her fantastic year 7 guided reading groups. They are following the ‘The Everest Files‘ by Matt Dickinson (who Mrs Turton has met!) This is a gripping novel following the mystery of a missing teenage climber and a trail of deadly clues. Today they were also looking at a range of non-fiction to gain a better insight into the setting of the Himalayas. Michael Palin’s book on the subject has some breathtaking photography to help set the scene perfectly.
Thank you so much to our reading mentor team, Mrs Turton and to all the students, for making this such a successful week of reading!

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