BMS Showcasing at National Conference

Jeremy Turner
BMS Showcasing at National Conference

It was a real privilege to be representing Bushey Meads School and The Bushey St James Trust at a national conference in London on Wednesday of this week. Held at Regents Hall on Oxford Street, the venue welcomed senior leaders from across the country to hear a number of presentations about the latest educational research and leadership ideas and also share best practice. Delegates were very complimentary to both Mrs Ash and I about our exciting journey of school improvement here at BMS over the last 4 years.

Soundbites of best practice related to our embedded culture of learning and achievement and ideas to create strong networks within and across our Multi Academy Trust highlighted the work of so many excellent practitioners and leaders here at BMS and certainly put our school and MAT on the national map. 

The conference was hosted by the national network ‘By Leaders for Leaders’ in which Bushey Meads is a key and leading player. We look forward to facilitating and developing further links with other leading Multi Academy Trusts in the near future and see other senior and middle leaders benefit from our growing reputation on the national stage.

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