Pastoral’s Poem of Positivity

Pastoral’s Poem of Positivity

Michelle Penny
Michelle Penny
Pastoral’s Poem of Positivity

My life was punctuated throughout each and every day,
A full stop at the end and a few commas along the way.
The commas were my friends, the moments and feelings shared
My full stop was the wine outside, sitting on the stair

My punctuation is jumbled and now gone all awry
A full stop in the middle and a colon gone by
The commas are electronic and sometimes wear me down,
Apostrophes are chronic as they contract every frown.

We now have dashes all around us, trying to keep us safe
And plenty more parentheses to hold us in our place
Exhausted exclamations litter our crisp pages
And the semi colons now make us wait for ages.

For now our books are closed, the curtains tightly drawn
But as always with each new page there’ll be another dawn
When we’ll pick up where we left off at page 53
When we’ll read the day together again wherever we will be.

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