Bushey Meads School Election

Giles Monks
Bushey Meads School Election

Overall, the Bushey Meads School election last week was a great success. Despite a significant minority of spoiled ballots, the whole school did its best to get involved and discuss ideas and policies.

They were facilitated in CDC time, by information slides for each party which were created by the year 13 Government and Politics students. After the results were double-checked and released, there was a clear winner in the Labour party followed by the Conservatives. It was however, evident that there was a diversity of opinion with some of each year group voting for the Green Party, Brexit party and Liberal Democrats respectively. Despite the result, it needs to be said that it doesn’t matter how you voted because our school has a mind to be kind and this includes respecting the opinions of others. The election was certainly a good opportunity for students to express their views and this showed in the smooth success of the process itself. This event deserves huge congratulations and thanks to all who were involved.

Max Layton-Hughes 13 Oak

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