A Poem from our Inspired Pastoral Department

A Poem from our Inspired Pastoral Department

Michelle Penny
Michelle Penny
A Poem from our Inspired Pastoral Department

As pastoral manager for Year 10, I have time to observe the behaviours of some of the young men in that year group. One of my foundation statements is that “ALL behaviour is communication” and this is evident when I observe some of the behaviours displayed by some of the students, both in and out of lessons. This has inspired me to write this.

Young Man
Young man SIT DOWN
STOP acting like a clown!
This clown, this cover, this shield, this mask
That keeps him hid from the task.
The clown is JOYOUS and running around
Sometimes it’s angry and wears a frown.
Clown can find the beautiful and bold
Clown can stifle, suppress and hold.
Young man is sitting talking tears
But what he says NO ONE hears!
The words and deeds belie the feelings
The truth can sometimes leave him reeling
It’s often then the spiral comes
It comes to toss and turn him round
And when it’s done who is this man
Clown and man hand in hand.

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