Lockdown Learning

These past couple of months we have been celebrating the lockdown learning of the students and staff, including all the wonderful extra-curricular activities that have been taking place.  I, myself have been doing my own lockdown learning – learning a new job! 

I joined the Pastoral Team at BMS on 20th January and almost 2 months to the day, lockdown happened.  I was in the midst of getting to know staff and students when the school closed.  How could I continue my learning under the new circumstances?  Well firstly, when covering a shift on the reception desk, I took time to study the staff photos and start to memorise names and faces.  Secondly, and most fulfilling for me was making welfare calls home to Year 9 families and introducing myself as the new Year 9 Pastoral Assistant Manager, what a great way to get to know the year group. I have been able check on the well-being of students and their families and also to congratulate some for the learning they have achieved so far.  Here are a couple of responses to congratulatory emails:

“Firstly I would like to say thank you very much for this kind message. It made my day! Thank you for recognising the hard work and effort I have put in my work these past 2 months, it makes me so happy!

Keep safe also and kind regards,”

 “Thank you so much for your email! I have been getting a little bit too much homework, so I’m sorry if some haven’t been completed, but I’m trying my best to get those done too.

Thank you,”

I have been inspired by making these phone calls and will continue to make them over the coming weeks, be patient if you haven’t had a call yet, there are 196 students in Year 9

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