BMS Ambassadors embracing Anti Bullying Week

BMS Ambassadors embracing Anti Bullying Week

Helen Mateides
Helen Mateides
BMS Ambassadors embracing Anti Bullying Week

Even though students were unable to visit the LRC for their sweets and cakes, during our fundraising event, our Ambassadors were determined to get the treats to the students. Each year group took boxes, full of sweets to their bubbles, during lunchtimes.

Everything sold out in 4 days !!!! The ambassadors raised £114.21p

Congratulations to:

  • Matilda Stevens
  • Chloe Limb
  • Ava McInners
  • Chloe Shiers
  • Melina Magafouraki
  • Megan Hilton
  • Alayna Choudhrey
  • Angel Benny
  • Anaiya Lily Palan
  • Natalia Magafouraki

Bars and Melody’s ‘Hopeful ‘was a very popular tune about bullying that, was played during the week

Some students were busy creating posters. Others were ready for the big sweet sale

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