Student of the Week – Issue 57

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 57
Key Stage 3


Bailey 9 Sycamore – Bailey is a consistently hard working and focussed student who is making excellent progress.  You will always find Bailey in lessons, focussed and engaged.  He has 100% attendance, great ATL scores and 60 achievement points!  He also takes part in sporting activities and represents the school for a variety of sports.  We are very proud of all you hard work, keep it up and no doubt you will have a great year ahead!

Key Stage 4

Nathaniel 10 Oak  – Nathan is an exemplary student, who has made an exceptional start to his GCSEs.  He has over 100 achievement points, excellent attendance and attitude to learning grades.  He is very focussed and gives his best in lessons.  Nathaniel is an excellent ambassador for the school and we are very proud of all his achievements.  Keep it up!

Key Stage 5

Eleanor 13 Elm – Eleanor works very hard in Year 13 with her studies and prefect duties.

Eleanor was given a fantastic opportunity last week where she was invited to perform at a UN convention for ‘Rights of a Child’ 

An amazing achievement Eleanor, Bushey Meads and Sixth Form are very proud of you!


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