What’s the Latest in Beech?

Aaron Mitchell
What’s the Latest in Beech?

The weeks prior to half term and since their return to Bushey Meads the students in Beech have been working hard, earning reward points and getting involved in the numerous extra-curricular activities that the school provides.

The Year 11, 12 and 13 students have been working hard for their PPE’s which conclude this week, all in preparation for the exams that are drawing ever closer. Good luck on your results!

Since the beginning of term I would like to show my appreciation to students in Beech, Karen Shah Year 11 and Bethany Wright Year 8 who have both been awarded with reward points for Acts of Kindness towards staff and students. Angela Muca Year 8 also spoke excellently in a House assembly talking to students on how she has participated in Student Parliament and what opportunities that are provided in school.

This week has been a lead up to World Book Day on the 5th of March, with a variety of activities taking place. Aradhana Davis 7 Beech entered the BMS Baking Competition where the students were asked to make a cake that represented their favourite book. Aradhana chose ‘The Hunger Games’ for her excellent entry, pictured below, and is awaiting the outcome!

Finally, I had the pleasure to get to know the Year 10 students of Beech during the most recent Enrichment Day. It was great to talk to and get to know students that I wouldn’t normally teach. They all worked fantastically and were very polite throughout the day, a testament to Ms Asadi, their Character Development Coach.

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