Hampton Court Trip

On the 21st April, the history department took the A Level history students and some of the Year 11 high achievers to Hampton Court Palace to explore the site and experience some of the Tudor culture. This is in line with the A level topic that the students study which explores the early life of the tudors and how things changed during their reign. Students were given a tour of the grounds and explored sources which were relevant to their course.

This helped students think about the structuring of their writing and provided a recap for students, acting as a physical form of revision while taking in the beautiful surroundings and architecture. It also helped students identify areas in which they need to give more attention and revise more. Being able to visualise the way in which the Tudors lived really helped to engage the students and motivate them to revise the topic. It was a beautiful day enjoyed by both students and staff and I would highly recommend everyone pay a visit to this idyllic site.

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