Expert Student Examiners having a Positive Impact on Learning

Jeremy Turner
Expert Student Examiners having a Positive...

It was great to observe the very focused students in Mr Mitchell’s A level geography lesson this week as they grappled with the complexities of erosional processes in the formation of glacial landforms.

Three students in the class were appointed as ‘expert examiners’ and, working outside the classroom with access to the examination mark scheme, they created the perfect answer.

Through this effective process they gained a real insight and understanding of how to effectively answer a 10 mark A level question that the rest of the students were completing under exam conditions.After 20 minutes, whilst working in groups, structured self-assessment activities and a process to capture verbal feedback following the reading out of their answers, powerfully assisted the students to reflect on where they were at and the next steps to ensure excellent progress.

The students really enjoyed this powerful model of instant feedback from a student expert and made rapid progress during the lesson.

The engagement for learning and excellent informed discussions was impressive to see and hear.

Pictured here are three of the students in the class: Matthew (the examiner) and Danny and Kanishka.

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