Success In The House Arts Event

Unami Tenga
Success In The House Arts Event

Earlier in the year, the Heads of House worked together to put on the House Arts event which took place on Tuesday 26th November. We got to witness talented individuals from different houses. Pictured below are a few students that showed off their skills and confidence on the night.

Sharly and Gracie performed a dance. They were the only year 7 act to perform on the night and their incredible performance made them stand out!. Even though they are still in their first term at the school, they had no nerves when they got on stage to perform. It’s evident that they love dance and I’m excited to see them improve on their skills as the years go by.

In a talent show, the competition is usually very tough because there is a variety of talent but Jathursan was determined to steal the show; he entered every category!  Not many people can pull off a one man show but when Jathursan took to the stage it was easy to follow and it had a touch of humour. Then he wowed the crowd with his recorder.

Yama didn’t perform on the night but he has shown time and time again that he is a faithful and reliable sound technician. He had an exam on the day of the House Arts event but that didn’t stop him getting involved!  He volunteered to help out by getting wireless mics ready and making sure the sound levels were correct. Yama is definitely an asset and a role model to the other students in Ash House.

I feel elated for these students and I know that there are many more talented individuals within Ash House. I cannot wait to see them shine during their time here at Bushey Meads School.

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