‘An Inspector Calls’ Year 10 Theatre Trip

Saina Asadi
‘An Inspector Calls’ Year 10...

The class of 10EnHardy went to see the live theatre performance of ‘An Inspector Calls’ at The New Wimbledon Theatre last friday. The journey, even with some detours, was successful and in due time, with the help of the theatre staff and Miss Asadi and Mr Johnson.

Having the opportunity to experience the play in a live setting really allowed our class to fully witness and understand the dramatic devices used throughout the performance.

The set design was absolutely phenomenal with the whole house breaking and lifting off of the stage, on purpose of course, and the walls of the house coming away to reveal the Birling’s ‘Drawing Room’. The shared live experience really helped develop our understanding of the plays key themes, characters and plot. As one student said, ‘Even though he wasn’t physically inside the house, the portrayal of the Inspector was made more explicit and gave a well rounded end to our analysis in class. Even if there was no interval!”

We hope to have more opportunities to experience live performances of our GCSE texts!

By George Haxton

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