Ski Trip 2020

Adam Lyley
Ski Trip 2020

On the 14th of February 2020, we were given an opportunity to go to the Falcade in Italy for a skiing trip. At first it was a little intimidating to some of us visiting a completely new environment, but the people were very warm and welcoming towards us. it was an amazing experience for the people who have never skied before to really push themselves out of their comfort zone. We all found that we really enjoyed it, and many of us have decided to pursue it further as a hobby after the trip4CBFC39E-4713-4C25-8F1C-8BCC5220DD20.jpg.The coach ride there was very scenic and we got to visit places that we’ve never seen before! We stopped frequently for breaks, one of which being at a McDonalds in Austria, at 4am. It was an interesting experience, and hearing people talking in different languages was something we were not used to. There was a large build up of anticipation building up to skiing. As a beginner, the slopes were alarming to see, but we slowly began to gain confidence, despite the stacking! Every day, we had lunch on the mountains with amazing views, and the hot chocolates were amazing!

On Monday we got to go out for a pizza night at an authentic Italian restaurant. We walked there, and got to explore the village a little further. Overall, we all had a fantastic time, It was a unique experience that I would highly recommend to anyone and gave us all an opportunity to bond and become closer as friends.

Written by Simran – 10S

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