Live Lessons in History!

It is always great to hear how our Humanities and Social Science students are exceling with their remote learning. Jessica Levitan, a Yr 8 student, has been asked by Head of History, Mr Lyley, to write about her experience of studying history at home and her successes.

Since the coronavirus has got in the way of coming into school; Bushey Meads have created live lessons to help students throughout the school have a better chance of learning more smoothly.

This has made an improvement from last lockdown where help was limited to emails and few resources to gather information, but now with live lessons I feel it has been a better approach:

Over the first lockdown, students learnt how to use their independence and knowledge to complete tasks. Although it is useful to use those independent skills, things became stressful and difficult as new topics started to appear that we hadn’t touched on before, but now, over the second lockdown, we have had the help and support from teachers to help us get through new topics in the moment.

During live history lessons, I feel that I have been able to communicate more and understand the tasks we have been set. School work in history has still been just as fun and entertaining online as it would be in class. Watching videos and answering questions as a group has made things seem like I am in the classroom.

History is now more understanding, more calming and enjoyable as we have that extra help and support from our teachers, and it is nice to feel as though you are part of a class again.

As always, a massive thanks to Jessica for her article. It’s fabulous to hear how this Jessica’s experience of Lockdown this year has been more positive and how she feels that in some ways there may even be benefits, such as the increased emphasis on independent learning.

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