Elm house Update

Elm house Update

Niralee Pattni
Niralee Pattni
Elm house Update

With the school having been such a quiet place for the last couple of months, it’s certainly lovely to see students back in school and especially lovely to have 11 Elm back in my room for CDC time in the mornings! I have been thinking back about some of the small day-to-day things that have made the biggest difference and I would like to share them with you.

Way back in July last year, when our current Year 7’s were Year 6’s, I had the pleasure of meeting 7Elm and spending some time with them. In the first half term Lucas Johnson saw me on duty, came over and asked if I was Head of Elm. I nodded and he introduced himself and now each time we pass each other we exchange a ‘hello’.

Zak, Jack and Georgia all in 7Elm, also without fail, always take a moment to show kindness by passing a smile or to say ‘Good morning’. They are small gestures, but they are really lovely glimmers in my day.

Mrs Collins gave me a golden nugget about Lucas Griffin. She said, ‘He always helps tuck chairs in at the end of lessons without being asked. And he once helped me re-organise the CDC books when the rest of the group left them in a mess. He is unfailingly helpful and kind, and always says hello and bye to me.’

Mrs Charles told me of a wonderful member of 12 Elm, who anonymously donated a pair of thermal gloves, for the homeless shoebox appeal back in December. They obviously thought really carefully about what item could be useful to that person and how this could help them.

I’m sure there are many more examples of kindness and it’s fantastic to know that Elm house are such kind and compassionate people. You are doing me so proud as your Head of house.

Elm house leaderboard!

Despite spending a lot of time learning from home over the past few months, Elm house have delighted me with their dedication towards their school work. Altogether, all of your hard work, kind gestures and incredible effort has earned Elm house a whopping 13474 points. Well done to all of you, I know you have been doing your best! Here are the students who are at the top of the leaderboard in their CD group!

7 Elm – Tehya Bryan with 331 points




8 Elm – Samuel Harries with 326 points



9 Elm – Emilian Dene with 381 points



10 Elm – Roshni Vara with 312 points




11 Elm – Vritika Bagariya with 262




12 Elm – Andrei Irimia with 133




13 Elm – Caitlyn Lynch with 85 points


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