The Big House Countdown Quiz Competition

Niralee Pattni
The Big House Countdown Quiz Competition

On Wednesday, 13th March, a gaggle of excited students gathered outside our Sixth Form Centre, eagerly anticipating the start of our House Big Countdown Quiz.

The electric atmosphere continued to hum inside, when all of the House teams finally entered. Intense House rivalry was evident as teams jostled for the best position in the room.

The House teams were comprised of a mix of year groups which meant the general knowledge across teams was varied.

Students were challenged with identifying sports stadiums and celebrity faces; some teams were caught out with the technical details of these rounds! In addition, they competed against the clock to solve a series of conundrums and maths calculations.

It was brilliant to see so many of our students eagerly participating while Miss Miller, Mr. Lester, Mr. Symeou and Mrs Speaker hosted the various rounds. Throughout the competition, I informed students of the scores held by each house, which just spurred on the teams even more.

The final scores were as follows:

Congratulations to Beech house for a fantastic effort and coming 1st place.

Additionally, Maple house were awarded an extra 3 points for working so well together as a team!

Well done to all of our participants for a fantastic effort! We look forward to seeing many more of you taking part again next year!

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