The Arts at BMS for Post-16 Students

Greg Knowles
The Arts at BMS for Post-16 Students
Our latest year 12 taster day highlighted the wide array of options available to students looking to pursue their post-16 education at Bushey Meads School.
Within the arts faculty we offer a comprehensive programme that we believe offers appropriate and challenging courses for everyone.
Our taster day offered students the chance to take part in activities from a range of our arts courses. In drama students explored an extract from one of the A-level set texts – Sophie Treadwell’s The Machinal – an expressionistic play telling the true story of a woman who, after spending her life following the rituals of what are expected of her in society, murders her husband.
Students wanting to give music a try had already formed a band in less than an hour to perform Stevie Wonder’s Superstition. Graphics students were experimenting with a range of composition and printing techniques and students opting for media studies loved analysing a music video for it’s meaning and effect on society.
One student commented after the day that although they had already submitted their post-16 choices (opting for media studies and drama) that the day had confirmed that they had made the right choice.
The arts options at post-16 level:
  • A-level Fine Art
  • A-level Graphic Art
  • A-level Photography Art
  • A-level Dance
  • A-level Drama and Theatre Studies
  • A-level Media Studies
  • A-level Music
  • BTEC Music
We can cater for personalised curriculums in addition to these courses and also offer the chance to study BTEC Performing Arts and BTEC Production Arts both at level 2 or level 3.
Contact any of our arts staff for any further information.

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