Oak House
As the new Head of Oak House, it has been a pleasure getting to know some of the students from Oak House across all year groups. 13 Oak in particular have been reflecting on the start of their final year at Bushey Meads School and what the support from their peers and teachers has meant to them.
“The beginning of this school year has been nothing short of fantastic. Everyone in Oak house has had a positive start back at school and are feeling refreshed and more ready than ever to get back to learning, especially us in 13Oak. We have such supportive teachers helping us through every step of our education, whether that be in the classrooms or in our own study time as well as being extremely supportive to our year group during the beginning of our university applications.
Personally, we are looking forward to progressing further this year and expanding our knowledge through the help and encouragement that we receive from our teachers and the sixth form staff. We feel that the transition from year 12 to year 13 has been seamless due to the work set by our teachers during class and at home; they allow us to recap on prior topics while slowly introducing us to new topics without overwhelming us. We have had an amazing start to this year and we are very excited to continue our learning and our revision in order to produce the best results we possibly can at the end of this academic year.”

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