You CAN revise for English!

Stephanie Knowles
You CAN revise for English!

I’m sure you have all heard someone say, “You can’t revise for English!”.  You might have even said it yourself!On Wednesday 15th January the English department addressed this misconception with year 11 in a special assembly.

Head of English, Ms Court, and English Lead Practitioner, Ms Bowe, reminded the students that to fully prepare for their next English PPE exams and, of course, the real ones in the summer, there are many strategies to use and resources available.

The students were given a tour of how to use the ‘Cambridge Elevate’ resource to aid their learning and revision.  This is a range of on-line ‘books’ that can take students through each literature text and the language exam papers in a structured and personalised way.  If a student wants to watch a video to help them to revise, they only have to look on ‘Cambridge Elevate’ and there will be one. Similarly, a student might want to complete extra writing practice, ‘Cambridge Elevate’ will help.

‘Cambridge Elevate’ has provided in previous year an essential tool for many students to raise their achievements.  Consequently, the English Department would be grateful if any parent/carer who has yet to contribute, could aid our renewal of the resource via Scopay.’

Year 11 were also reminded to use a range of strategies in order to ensure revision is varied and highly effective.  Flashcards and quote boards were referenced as being particularly helpful. However, many others were suggested too, such as mind maps, focused study groups and quizzes.

This is the third year that BMS English department have run such an event and each year, the advice given has had a real impact on achievement.  I am sure that this year’s cohort will equal or even exceed the successes of these previous years.

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