Trampolining Competition

Sarah Cooper
Trampolining Competition

We welcomed students from Bushey Academy to Bushey Meads on Monday to take part in our annual trampolining competition.  The event provides students from both schools with the opportunity to compete against each other under the expert judging of Miss Booth, trampoline coach and official.  It also serves as a moderation process for students studying examination courses as well as guiding staff in marking student performance.

Over 30 students took part in the evenings competition and it was lovely to see them enjoying the opportunity.  There were 4 categories of competition allowing students at all levels of experience to take part and perform against those of a similar standard but not necessarily similar age. After over 50 routines had been performed the top performers in each category were awarded with certificates for their efforts.

Position Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Advanced
1st H.White (BMS) L.Leksander (BA) C.Lavin (BM) G.Millar (BA)
2nd  A.Bath (BA) A.Shrestha (BMS) O.Diffey (BA) L.Smith (BA)
3rd B.Wallace (BA) C.Wright-Hobson (BMS) E.Whitman (BA)

Congratulations to C.Lavin who scored the highest tariffing routine of the evening.

Thanks to Miss Booth for organising the evening and for running trampoline club for the students of BMS.  We look forward to another trampoline competition in the new year.

Students representing BMS:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
G.Pugh C.Wright-Hobson E.Clarke
H.White A.Shrestha N.Hamisi
A.Crain C.Lavin
F.Hadden A.Deutrom

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