Sports Hall Athletics  Year 8 Girls House Competition

Sports Hall Athletics Year 8 Girls House Competition

Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper
Sports Hall Athletics Year 8 Girls House...

Enrichment day, Wednesday 20th March, saw the first ever house sportshall athletics competition take place for year 8 girls, as part of their exercise health and wellbeing element of enrichment day.

Students participated in CDG in a range of indoor athletics events, accumulating points for their house.

The events started with a series of relays before moving on to a carousel of field events, including javelin throw, long jump and step up challenges.

There were some excellent levels of participation and the competition was fierce.  It was great to see the students embracing some different activities and working hard for each other. 

It was a really close competition and resulted in a three way tie for first place  and a three way tie for 4th!  Each winning CDG receives a winners certificate for their notice board.

1st = FOREST



50 points
47 points
7th ELM 44 points
8th ASH 42 points

Congratulations and well done to everyone who took part. 

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