Magnificent maple house

Magnificent maple house

Andrew Burnell
Andrew Burnell
Magnificent maple house

Here we are again at the start of another busy academic year at Bushey Meads School. A fresh start for all mixed with numerous new opportunities to succeed can only mean one thing. An extremely exciting year ahead for all members of Maple house.


I think it is fair to say that I have been very lucky since taking over as head of Maple house. There is a plethora of exceptionally, respectful, responsible, kind, hardworking and dedicated students within the house who are proud to wear the orange colour of Maple. Being the head of house I have the privilege of hearing all about the fantastic achievements the students in my house have accomplished across various aspects of school life. Even from a quick glance at the reward points table I can see that so many of the house have already contributed towards our ever accumulating total. Diving deeper into the numbers there are 28 students who have already achieved over 60 reward points, which equates to nearly 9 reward points per week. I think everyone would agree that this is a fantastic start to the year. Below you can see a list of the top 10 achievements so far this year in Maple House. 

Name: Total reward points for this academic year.
H. Bate 91
Y. Kahn 91
Y. Loku Galapaththige 87
A.Twigger 77
Z. O’Brart 76
Z. Butler 75
M. Collins 74
C. Whitlock 70
D. Mason 69
E. Bird 68


A new academic year means fresh opportunities to succeed in house competitions. The first major one being the interhouse cross country. Throughout this week students form years 7,8 and 9 have been competing against each other to earn points for their house. Maple house have lived up to their expectations as E. Rumney won the year 7 boys race and K. Mistry won the year 8 boys race. L. Bird also came second with M.Rumney and M. Oleksy coming third in the year 9 and year 7 girls race. These results were the cherry on top of the cake as there were many more top 10 finishes throughout the house. Overall the effort and determination everyone showed was fantastic to see and something that everyone can take into the next house competition.  













Alongside sporting success we also have academic success in the form of this outstanding piece of work produced by H. Bate. This piece was completed for Mr Cox’s English lesson where the students were asked to design a labyrinth on paper as they are studying mythology. H. Bate clearly went above and beyond by actually building one. This is a real example to all of the house to show what can be achieved when time and effort is spent on something that they are passionate about. 









Finally, just as a quick reminder to all, the House Arts event has been launched recently in CDC with the following categories on offer this year:


  • Art
  • Drama 
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Photography 
  • Poetry
  • Videography


The theme this year is on teamwork. I personally think that this theme is an excellent one as it offers an abundance of ideas that can be applied to all of the categories. I really look forward to seeing all of the amazing entries on the 30th November when the competition will be judged. Get creative Maple house and good luck.

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