Acts of Kindness in the Community

Sara Ash - Deputy Headteacher
Acts of Kindness in the Community
Each week I send out to all stakeholders a ‘Kindness Thought of the Week’ which helps to promote our school mantra of ‘Our School has a Mind to be Kind’ and hopefully encourages everyone of ways to be kind to others.
During these difficult weeks I have launched an Act of Kindness Award with students sending me examples of their Acts of Kindness.
Since the launch on Monday we have already had four Acts of Kindness recognised!
Well done to:
Erin –  8 Willow
Act of Kindness
For making a daily phone call to her Nan to ensure she is not feeling isolated.
Rhianna 10 Maple
Act of Kindness
For helping to care for a lost dog until the owner was located
Charlotte 8 Sycamore
Act of Kindness
For supporting her Great Grandmother, ensuring she is staying connected.
Anaiya-Lily – 8 Ash
Act of Kindness
For using her initiative to write a thank you letter to NHS staff at Watford General Hospital and asking this idea to be promoted to all students across the school.
For inspiring others to participate in an Act of Kindness this week, Anaiya-Lily has been awarded the best Act of Kindness in the Community for this week.

Please do keep participating in Acts of Kindness and send an email to Mrs Ash with the details of your activities.

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