A Wonderful Mental Health Awareness Week

A Wonderful Mental Health Awareness Week

Kashan Malik
Kashan Malik
A Wonderful Mental Health Awareness Week

It was wonderful to see the school community coming together to celebrate Mental Health Awareness week in such a positive way.  Activities across the week, embraced this years theme of ‘Connect with Nature’, during lessons, lunch time and after school.

Students and staff had opportunities to take part in a whole host of activities to focus on their mental health and wellbeing.  Below is a snapshot of the week.

It’s good to talk session with Miss Falusi

Students had the opportunity to come and just have a chat.  Sometime talking about your worries or thoughts can help you feel better! Students enjoyed talking to Miss Falusi and hearing her words of wisdom and experiencing her infectious positive energy!

Year 8 students had a terrific time baking their worries away with Mrs Hanbury.  Not only was the process relaxing, the end result was delicious!

Mr Knowles delivered workshops in Drama called the Melting Snowman – a visualisation exercise helping students relax in their mind and bodies.

Students and staff getting involved in some very fun and therapeutic art inspired by Jackson Pollock!  It felt good to make express ourselves in this creative way!

Students meditating and practising the skill of mindfulness during CDC time.  Students commented on how much it helped them relax and feel calm at the start of each day.

Some beautiful mindfulness colouring in Maths.

Staff rounder match was a nice way to unwind and spend some outdoors in the fresh air!

Some fabulous baking for staff!

Mr Besisira, leading a group of students on a ‘Tech Walk’ – discussing using their smart watches to track their exercise and fitness.

Mrs Bartholomew discussing the sounds of nature with some students and how it makes them feel.

YC Herts engaging with our students to sign up to some exciting opportunities like learning to ride a motorbike and much more!

Students enjoying the relaxing activities in the calm environment in ‘Our Space’ led by Mrs Mateides.

These are only some of the activities that the students and staff enjoyed over the course of the week. Mental Health is such a important agenda within the world and this is reflected within our BMS community.  We look forward to building on this successful week throughout the year and continue to nurture and maintain our mental health and wellbeing across the school.

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