Staff Wellbeing and Spirits Lifted on Blue Monday!

Jeremy Turner
Staff Wellbeing and Spirits Lifted on Blue...
The sunshine was defintely shining on Monday of this week at BMS as Senior Assistant Headteacher Mr Searle shared some top tips related to maintaining a positive well being and also took the opportunity to show a really uplifting film of the staff enrichment activities which took place during the summer term last year and culminated in our now annual BAFTA Award Ceremony (Bushey meads Assessment and Feedback in Teaching Awards.
It defintely lifted our spirits even higher and on a day which is sometimes called ‘Blue Monday’ (typically the third Monday in January) which some claim to be the most depressing day of the year, taking into account the sometimes dark, dismal weather conditions that appear at this time of year, it was very welcome start to another busy week at our school.

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