LRC Recommended Read – Issue 37

Danielle Bowe
LRC Recommended Read – Issue 37

The Crystal Stair by Catherine Fisher

Life in the Settlement is not as perfect as Caz and Will had hoped – they live apart in the Boys’ and Girls’ Towers and rarely see each other. Searching for her father, Caz is told that he never arrived at the Settlement. But then she finds his name on a secret list of a missing Search and Rescue team that set out to investigate a mysterious signal and never came back. She can’t rest until she finds out what’s happened to him. Even though Will is convinced it’s too dangerous. Even though it means leaving and heading back out onto the endless ice.


Big thank you to Amie (8M) who was keen to recommend this book because of her love of adventure stories. She was gripped by the mysterious journey the reader is taken on from start to finish. You can’t fail to admire the ‘adventurous, brave and independent’ main character of Caz.

This is available from the Accelerate section of the LRC.

Hope you enjoy a fabulous book over the half term holiday. Do share your recommended reads with us via email or in our LRC ‘wish box’.

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