Meet the new Reading Mentors Team for 2019-2020!

Danielle Bowe
Meet the new Reading Mentors Team for...
On Thursday 17th October I had the absolute pleasure of taking the newly recruited reading mentors team through their initial training prior to meeting their reading buddies. We met for breakfast and a run through of duties, as well as tips on making their reading mentor role a positive and productive one! They came in early and throughout the session demonstrated exactly why they are fantastic ambassadors for our school- I’m really looking forward to working with them.
 They will be working with ‘reading buddies’ from years 8 and 9. They’ll meet once a week during CDC time to read together and discuss their books. We aim to offer this opportunity to as many of our KS3 students as possible over the next year.
We’re sure this experience will be equally rewarding for mentors and buddies!
Bushey Meads is a Reading School!

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