Super Science Faculty

Jeremy Turner
Super Science Faculty

For those of us who have been at the school a number of years we will truly recognise the difference in science teaching at Bushey Meads. Under the superb leadership of Mr O’Brien the science team are now the best team we have had at the school – all good and outstanding teachers with a great passion for science at all levels! The attention to detail in providing a cohesive learning journey from Year 7 – 13 is excellent, as is the willingness of the science staff to ‘go the extra mile’ for the students – with regular after school revision sessions and the very powerful extended learning opportunities provided in the school holidays. Earlier last week after the Bank Holiday there was an excellent turnout for the science sessions on offer and a great engagement from a good number of students in attendance to put in those extra responses to gain the marks that make a difference. It was really positive to see!

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