Exciting Changes in Dance

Exciting Changes in Dance

Eliz Noyan
Eliz Noyan
Exciting Changes in Dance

The Dance Department have been making a few changes, ready to put into practice in the next academic year.

New Units!
Myself and Miss Dolan have introduced new unit topics into the Dance Curriculum. These will have a specific focus on using knowledge from all subjects in school and applying them to your learning in dance. Some of the new units include:
  • Dance Theatre – connecting Dance, Drama and English.
  • Alvin Ailey – connecting Dance, Sociology, Geography and Music.
  • War – connecting Dance, History and Government & Politics.
  • Screendance – connecting Dance, Art and Design & Technology.
Students will explore these units practically and theoretically all whilst gaining skills including teamwork, communication, self-discipline and leadership.
There are many display boards in the Dance office and by the hall, that often advertise information about shows and performances that are available to see along with classes which you can sign up to. We have redesigned these and included more information on future dance pathways such as university courses, apprenticeships and conservatoires. One of the display boards will also be dedicated to show off our new Dance Awards. These dance awards will be rewarded to students that have shown progress, determination and commitment towards their learning in and out of the classroom. The award categories are
  • ‘Best Student Homework’,
  • ‘Dancer of the Month’
  • ‘Most Improved Dancer’.

We look forward to seeing who will win the first awards.

We have a new Dance logo!

The logo takes direct inspiration from the Bushey Meads tree and is a visual image that represents Dance at Bushey Meads School. We will use this Dance logo around the department and on our new GCSE, A Level and Subject Leader t-shirts.

A huge thank you must be given to our design team. Ilayda Tinriover (9W) who put her talented art skills to the test and brought our concept to life by drawing the logo and Graphic Design students Jessica Wood (12B) and Tegan Collins (12B) for digitizing, editing and refining the piece.

The Dance Department are excited to introduce these new changes in the near future Until then, keep dancing!

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