Visiting Headteachers to BMS

Visiting Headteachers to BMS

Jeremy Turner
Jeremy Turner
Visiting Headteachers to BMS

It was a privilege to welcome the Headteacher of Bishopshalt School in Hillingdon Mr McGillicuddy and the Headteacher of Colham Manor Primary School Mrs Rissen to Bushey Meads School on Tuesday morning of this week. 

Mrs Rissen used to work within the Bushey St James Trust as the Headteacher of Little Reddings Primary School and it was great to see her again and show her the developments within and across the Multi Academy Trust (MAT) that have built on her legacy and her effective partnership working with Bushey Meads.
Both visiting Headteachers were particularly interested in the strong links we have created and embedded across our MAT between the various phases and subject areas in our schools. We were able to highlight how many teachers are employed across all the three schools and talk about the excellent work that is being done to align all curriculum areas to ensure excellent progress from Key Stage 2 – 3 at that all-important Year 6 – 7 transition phase.
We also showcased the excellent transition process we offer which includes:
  • the meetings with students and senior leaders prior to starting
  • Transition Tea Parties
  • Best of Me Folders
  • Me Capsules
  • Book Reviews
  • GAP Tasks
  • the Secondary School Experience Week for all students in our Trust (irrespective of whether they are coming to Bushey Meads in September)
  • Transition Day and Evening
  • Saturday Fun Day
  • Summer Activity Week
  • Settling In Evening
  • Me and My Community Cross Curricular Project
  • Year 7 Celebration Evening
  • Trip to Kidzania
  • Come Dine with Me Event
Mr McGillicuddy also enjoyed a tour of the school with Mrs Tregear the Headteacher of Little Reddings and spoke to a number of key staff and students, including our Head Boy Isaac. He was very impressed with what he saw and has invited us to visit his own school to create some further collaborative partnerships to share best practice between our two schools. 

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