Our Santa Suggestions 2019

Every year, the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty like to present some extension suggestions for all its students to enjoy over the Christmas holidays.  Do have fun with these carefully chosen suggestions!

Business Studies and Economics

An interesting insight into how Jeff Bezos stands out for his relentless pursuit of new markets, leading Amazon into risky new ventures like the Kindle and cloud computing, and transforming retail in the same way that Henry Ford revolutionized manufacturing.






Watch the film ELF. Look at how New York City has been described and explained in the film.

Challenge: Compare this to other films with NYC in.

Christmas geography news
Find three Christmas and geography themed articles to read and summarise each article in five sentences, explain how the article relates to physical, human and/or environmental geography and to give their own opinion on the issues raised.


Log onto TED talks.  There are loads of interesting history related presentations.  Search for your favourite topics.



‘The Children’s Act’ – the 2019 film starring Emma Thompson explores the issue of consent and Gillick competence.

I would also recommend going to see ‘Official Secrets’ still in cinema.  Great movie on issues regarding justice and freedom of speech.

Year 13 – try listening to Iyad Rahwan’s TED talk on ‘What moral decisions should driverless cars make?’ in preparation for our study of the relationship between law and morality.


Books: Cameron – For the Record, Tony Blair ‘A Journey’ Margaret Thatcher ‘The Downing Street Years’

Film: ‘The Iron Lady’, ‘A Very British Coup’

Y13 USA try ‘All The President’s Men’ about Watergate and ‘Frost / Nixon’

TV: ‘House of Cards’ (also a book by Micheal Dobbs) and comedy (with some accuracy!) ‘Yes Minister’



Any of Derren Brown’s documentaries – Derren Brown is first and foremost, a psychologist and his tricks rely on the use of key psychological experiments. See what you can link to your topics.



Hidden Figures – Looks into the Civil Rights Movement and the treatment of black women, especially the key scientists in America’s race to the moon


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