Crossing the Bridge

At Bushey Meads we are always looking for fresh and new ways to help all children succeed and achieve their true potential. Sometimes students, in the busy-ness of teenage years and the pressure of school life, can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’ or the ‘end of the bridge due to the mist’.

Our latest initiative to help is called ‘Crossing the Bridge’ and is led by Mr Knowles, our hardworking Head of Faculty for Performing and Visual Arts, who has recently been seconded to the leadership team at BMS to head up this exciting achievement drive.
He has met with the targeted group of students and invited their parents in for a launch meeting. He also gave a presentation on Monday morning in our Staff Briefing to all staff to outline his plans. These involve asking the targeted students to complete a questionnaire to find out what helps them with their learning and what barriers they are experiencing, arranging meetings to provide them with careers advice and additional learning strategies, as well as creating that sense of momentum and team with team building events, cookery classes and exciting links with industry.
Above all he wants all teachers to support them even more effectively through quality first teaching in the classroom. We really hope they all make rapid progress and successfully cross the bridge with their learning and achievement both in and out of school.

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