Following on from the last fishing article, Mitchell was determined to catch a Pike and this has been the main conversation for the last few weeks. So you can imagine his excitement when he finally caught one as you can see from the video below!

We attend a club called The Watford Angling Coaches (W.A.C.) on a weekly basis. This club was formed in 2010 and offers fishing lessons for people of all ages and all levels wishing to try this as a hobby.

Paul and Tony, our teachers have been teaching our students lots of new skills such as setting up your rod, types of hooks to use for different types of fish, different types of bait to use etc. Basically, everything you need to know to make the most of your experience so hopefully get you hooked!

Mitchel is working towards his Level 1 CAST award. This is an awards scheme and teaches you how to be a highly knowledgeable angler. It takes you through step by step all you need to learn about fishing. The best thing is that this is all vocational and takes place while you are fishing and having fun.

This is what Mitchell had to say when he had calmed down!

I love catching Pike because they are good fighters and they look cool. I used a white hard lure which is also called a plug. This Pike weighs 6lb and took me five minutes to land and was great fun as it fights so much. Next, I want to catch an even bigger one. You have to be careful when unhooking them because they have lots of sharp teeth.

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