Come Dine With Me

On Wednesday 27th September, Bushey Meads School hosted our annual ‘Come Dine With Me’ event.

The event is an exciting opportunity for year 7 parents to experience lunch in the school restaurant with their child, and sample the quality and range of our school restaurant food, followed by a tour of the school, and even visiting various year 7 lessons.

This year we opened our doors to the largest sign up and turnout the school has ever seen at a ‘come dine with me’, with approximately 80 students’ parents attending.

The children had a wonderful time eating and talking with their parents over lunch, and the feedback from parents was overwhelming positive, with one parent commenting;

“I wish we had food this good when I was at school”!

We are proud to be supported by our community and our new year 7 parents, and we look forward to welcoming you all once again for our ‘Year 7 Curriculum Celebration Evening’ on the 19th October.









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