Year 13 Food Science

What are imiscable liquids? Predict at what temperature denaturation occurs. What food enables liquids to gelatinise? Develop a way to prove if coagulation is reversible?

Just a few of the questions Mrs Hanbury’s year 13’s have been tackling as part of their unit 3 – Experimenting to solve food problems. Also on the food science journey, the students have created a high end brunch suitable for a top London restaurant, made their own mozzarella and used it to make a variety of pizzas and calzones. They have also created thick, creamy bechamel sauce to coat pasta and lastly understood how to use sugar thermometers to produce caramelised foods for example; sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce, homemade burger with caramelised onion relish, onion gravy to go with a toad in the hole with all the trimmings and a honeycomb ice cream.

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