SEND ‘Tip of the Month’ June 2021

SEND ‘Tip of the Month’ June 2021

Roa Dillon
Roa Dillon
SEND ‘Tip of the Month’ June 2021
Anxiety and Mental health in SEND
As we all know COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the anxiety of all our young people and this has been particularly difficult for our SEND students. Mrs Hughes (BMS Autism Lead) has attended the DSPL9 Autism and Anxiety course and will be using techniques she has learnt to have a positive impact across the school. Please have a look at the ‘Anxious Day To-Do List’ below.
In Learning Support we spend a huge amount of our time investing in the student’s mental health before they are ready to learn. We have a flexible and understanding approach. There are a number of social story groups running with a focus on words or images to explain specific occurrences, behaviours, social interactions, concepts, or skills. They are designed to benefit those with developmental delays, social issues, autism, or other difficulties with comprehension. If you require any further information about these groups please contact Mrs Hughes: [email protected]
I thought I would also share some useful mental health contacts for you and your family.
NHS Every Mind Matters –
The website offers a range of mental health advice as well as an interactive quiz that’s designed to help you feel more in control of your emotional wellbeing.
Kooth –
This site contains free mental health support wth their online counsellors. It is a free sign up service that has resources such as discussion boards, helpful tips/articles written by young people and an option for them to write mood journals and set positive goals.
Papyrus –
A mental health charity dedicated to preventing young suicide by providing support and resources for young people and their families.
Calm Harm – App
An app to help teenagers manage/resist the urge to self-harm by providing a wide range of distraction techniques
Combined Minds – App
This app contains psychoeducation for parents, carers, families and friends. With practical advice on how to manage mental health support for children and young people.
COVE – App
A relaxing musical app to help people to capture their mood and express it by making music on the program. Note: You do not need any previous musical knowledge
Stem4 –
A charity that promotes positive mental health in teenahes as well as encouraging them to build resilience and manage difficult emotions via online resources.
YoungMinds –
A mental health charity that gives help and advice for young people, as well as encouraging them to get involved in fundraising/campaigning to raise awareness for children and young people’s mental health.
Clear Fear – App
An app to help children & teenagers manage anxiety through distraction & helpful activities.
CALM – App
A mindfulness app that includes various relaxing sounds to listen to a well as “sleep stories” and some guided meditations
Headspace – App
A mindfulness app that has more of a “podcast feel” to it with various talks, guided meditations and helpful videos available.

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