Maths Subject Leaders

James Donovan
Maths Subject Leaders

This week, the maths leaders were instructed to give a presentation to other classes about the links between maths, projectiles and space! 

The presentation addressed  what projectiles are, what they do and how they work. We also gave examples of projectiles in sports to grab our audiences’ attention. For example in basketball, when you aim for the basket, football, when you try to curve the ball, cricket- when you swing the ball, etc. During the last few weeks of the space club, students have teamed up and produced rockets using plastic bottles and other creative materials. They then used a pump to build up water pressure and fired these rockets in a mini competition. 

Our plan is to redo this project and tie it in with our projectiles project. We will conduct an experiment in which rockets will be fired at different pressures, trajectories and angles to find out the optimum way in which we can achieve the furthest distance. 

So if you are interested then come along at lunch time every Wednesday in L7. 

By Yehen, Kavya, Vysnavan, Vikyrthan, Hesham, Vishuwa

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