Food bank collection a big success

Aya Speker
Food bank collection a big success
Our recent food bank collection at Bushey Meads was hugely successful with students from every house and year group kindly bringing items of food to send to the local food bank in Bushey. Not only did students take the time to do this act of kindness but they also enjoyed the competitive spirit between the houses to see which house brought in the most! It was hard to tell this year as the boxes were so full we had to find other cupboards around school to store the food!
I was very humbled and proud of our students when I received this email from Melvyn S. Roberts (Rev), the food manager at the Red Trust. Well done to everyone who participated!
As the Project Manager of the Red Trust Bushey Foodbank I was thrilled with the generous response of staff, parents, carers and children of Bushey Meads School in helping meet the needs of those in our community struggling to make ends meet. The donations this year almost filled a large car twice with all the various contributions so much so that it took volunteers quite a while to unload the car and get the donations carefully packed away!  
The donations this year, as in other years, will go a great way to relieve the stress and hardship of those who do not have sufficient income to feed themselves or their families. Giving is not so much about the amount, but the thought, care and time given to think and act for others.
Our ‘friends’ who use the Foodbank are always appreciative of anything they receive and realise that others in our community care enough to make their own sacrifices in order to give to them. They do not take the generosity of those at Bushey Mead for granted but are grateful to be able to feed and provide for themselves and their families with the help of those at the School.

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