Sixth Form Community Service in MFL

Hilarie Charles
Sixth Form Community Service in MFL

We are extremely grateful for the wonderful Sixth Form support that we receive in our KS3 and 4 MFL lessons.

Our Sixth Formers use their MFL skills and talents to help younger students reach their academic goals in French and Spanish and develop as independent learners. In doing so, they demonstrate sensitivity, understanding and compassion, all qualities which help them to become well-rounded individuals.

Our most recent addition to our MFL Community service team is David, a Year 12 native Spanish speaker. David enjoys leading speaking activities in Year 9 Spanish lessons and supporting group work. He will soon be helping Year 11 with preparation for their speaking examination.

There is no doubt that our Sixth Formers make a real difference in the MFL classroom and they serve as excellent role models for our younger language learners.

“I really enjoy helping in the Spanish class as I can improve my language skills as well as helping other students with theirs” Jess Year 13

“I chose to do community service in MFL because I am enthusiastic about language learning and encouraging other students to foster the same interest in languages.” Michelene Year 12

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