A Great Start to the Day

Jeremy Turner
A Great Start to the Day

It was great to walk through some outstanding Year 7 morning Character Development sessions this week and see some of our inspiring Character Development Coaches engaging all students in a variety of important different activities.

Some students were discussing the Theme of the Week ‘Resilience’ and were talking in pairs about times that they could remember when perhaps things hadn’t gone so well and they had demonstrated great resilience. Other students were talking about the Word of the Week ‘unscrupulous’ and the meaning and contexts when they would use this word in their speech and writing. In addition some Character Development Coaches were encouraging students to read about the Scientist of the Week and also check that their student planners were all up to date and signed by parents and carers. It was really impressive to see Tasmita’s student planner which was clearly well looked after and being used to record all her home learning in to effectively support her progress and studies throughout the year.

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