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A Frequently Asked Question: How do parents and carers find out about all the BMS clubs and activities?

Jeremy Turner
A Frequently Asked Question: How do parents...

With such an eclectic programme of trips, clubs, revision sessions and enrichment activities on offer, it is an ongoing challenge to keep up with what is happening at BMS! As always every activity is well publicised to students in school and they themselves do have a responsibility to take the relevant letters home, or make a note of the details of the activities in their student planner and inform their parents and carers of all that is happening.

As well as that though we do our utmost to try to maintain an accurate and up to date list of all clubs and activities currently on offer. This is done via the school website and this would be one of the key ways that parents and carers can stay informed.

General information about the extended curriculum programme at Bushey Meads School can be accessed via the following link:

A full list of all weekly clubs and activities can also be viewed here:

With such a busy programme of specialist extra curricular activities, our outstanding PE & Health Faculty also publish a separate weekly calendar of all lunchtime and after school clubs, as well as regularly updated information about practices and match fixtures. These are all accessed via the separate link below:

In addition it is always good to read the weekly newsletter to find out the latest news about trips, visits and enrichment activities on offer. A few examples of useful links are provided here:

PE and Health

Enrichment Activities


Extra Curricular Clubs


We do hope this helps you stay abreast of what the hard working and dedicated staff at Bushey Meads provide for your children each and every week. I personally am incredibly impressed with how many superb opportunities they offer to enrich our students’ lives – it’s amazing!

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