Top Tips on how to keep positive during Lockdown

Top Tips on how to keep positive during Lockdown

Chloe Lister
Chloe Lister
Top Tips on how to keep positive during...

During this weird time of social isolation and public announcements, I will be the first to admit that I focused on my physical health primarily with Joe Wicks slowly becoming a feature of my mornings along with nearly 1 million people around the world. One key thing that this time has also pushed is that mental health is just as important as our bodies. The human brain is the largest brain of all vertebrates relative to body size weighing in at about 3.3 lbs accounting for 2 percent of a human’s weight. Whilst it seems like such a small part of our body, it is one of the parts that needs the most care as it helps us to handle the stress that we all feel. Many of us have lost the usual means by which we help our brains when we feel low so I hope to share some ideas with you in line with Mental Health Awareness Week (18th-24th May) to see you through.

Tip 1 – Recognise your stress
Don’t deny how you’re feeling, instead pay attention to it. Notice how it may be affecting you, are you tense? anxious? angry? Paying attention to these emotions is one of the first steps to resolving it. Your mental health deserves your being kind, gentle and understanding right now as it combats a lot of stress.

Tip 2 – Talk about it
Stay in touch with others virtually or speak to the people in your house. Talk to someone who really knows you and ask them to just listen as you explain your situation. It may just be the thing you need. You are loved and the people you talk to can help you to feel safe again

Tip 3 – Keep your cool and take care
Keeping a normal a routine as you can can help to deal with stress. Set an alarm to wake you up in the morning and set aside some time to complete school work and some time to unwind. Finding some time to relax and do something you enjoy will release hormones that can combat the stress you feel whether it’s walking the dog, sitting in the garden or reading a good book. Turning on the radio, tv or a podcast that you normally listen to can help tackle the emotions we can feel.

Tip 4 – Get moving
This is a good time for activity as we would all normally be so busy. Physical activity can help keep boredom and stress away and any form of exercise can be a good way to reduce anxiety and stress. We all know Joe Wicks does his morning PE lesson but there are a wide variety of youtube videos to help you exercise from dance to yoga. Channels like Fitness Blender are a good place to start.

Tip 5 – Remember that stress is temporary
This situation may seem like it will never end and you are not alone in your feelings. Everyone around the world, including adults (myself included) feels like there will be no end to this situation. Just remember that the intensity of whatever is stressing you out right now will pass as previous times of stress have. You have beaten 100% of your stressful times and this is just another that you will defeat. It may take a little longer, but with a mind to be kind to yourself, this time will pass too

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