Dance Department Student Awards

Dance Department Student Awards

Eliz Noyan
Eliz Noyan
Dance Department Student Awards
The Dance Department’s Student Awards were created to award students from all years and key stages for their commitments, efforts, improvements and successes at the end of every half term. The winners are rewarded with an R4, postcard home and placed on the Dance Student Award display board which is located in the Dance office.

The Autumn term 2 winners are….
‘Best Work Award’ goes to Mansoor K J (7E) for his hard work and success in always being the first student ready for lesson. He had made it his personal mission since the start of the year to always be the first student out of the changing rooms with his kit and equipment ready. Keep up the brilliant work Mansoor!
‘Most Improved Dancer‘ awards have been awarded to:

  • Oliver T (7M)
  • Zaynah M (8S)
  • Summer C (9W)
‘Outstanding Dancer’ awards are presented to one student from each key stage. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Gemma G (8A)    – Key Stage 3
  • Megan H (10S) – Key Stage 4
  • Heather W (12M) – Key Stage 5
Well done to all the award winners. Keep up the brilliant work!

Want to win a Dance Department Award?
The Dance ‘Are You Up For The Challenge?’ tasks are on display in the hall to help challenge and further develop your progress. Choose either a dance style or choreographer from the pockets and complete the tasks set.

Handing in an ‘Are You Up For The Challenge?’ task, becoming a leader in your group, taking part in extracurricular activities are just some of the ways you could be in line to win one of the Dance Department’s Student Awards!
Have a lovely Christmas Break!

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