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Ashley Cartledge
Ashley Cartledge
PE Health and Health Faculty News

Well done to all of our students who have either regularly represented school teams or attended lunchtime and after school sports clubs this half term. It has been great to see the enthusiasm of so many students for sport and physical activity as we return to some form of normality in school. It has been an extremely busy half term for football, netball and badminton with new clubs for boys rugby and girls basketball starting after half term. All BMS sports clubs are inclusive with all abilities welcome to attend.


Football reports 

Senior Boys v Westfield (District League) AWAY   Mr Cartledge

Date : Thursday 14th October 2021

Result : Won 9-0

Scorers : A Sykes 3, H Mughal, S Booth, E Anthony, P Kulasinghe, H Khan, H Plant

Squad : A Sykes, H Plant, L Andrews, S Booth, P Kulasinghe, T Bates, C Lynch, H Mughal, A Kazmi, E Anthony, T Barnes, A Kothary, H Khan, F Rowe

Commended performances : Whole team

Comment : The Under 18 team produced an excellent performance controlling the game throughout to win convincingly 9-0. Some excellent passing movements from back to front saw the team create lots of chances and some excellent finishing from A Sykes saw him complete hat-trick to put the boys into a 3-0 lead early in the second half. A flurry of late goals and a clean sheet were just what the team needed as they move into the key fixtures of the season.

Year 10 v St Michaels (District League) AWAY   Mr Symeou

Date : Thursday 14th October 2021

Result : 


Squad : 

Commended performances


Year 9 v Westfield (District League) HOME   Mr Burnell

Date : Thursday 14th October 2021

Result : Won 5-1

ScorersC. Tegzes, D. Ansa-Otu. 

Squad :  C. Tegzes, A. Gates, O. Spencer, I. Harry-Brown, N. Morka, D. Ansa-Otu, S. Chadwick, M. McManus, H. Cooper, K. Ford, J. Harris, K. Gurney, S. Millberry.

Commended performances : C. Tegzes, D. Ansa-Otu, A. Gates, K. Ford, I. Harry-Brown, S. Millberry. 

Comment : Thursday saw the year 9 team play their third district league game of the year against a good Westfield team. In the first half the team played some excellent football that led to them creating a few very good chances to score. The team were unfortunately only able to take one of their chances which saw them take an early lead in the game. Westfield responded quickly by getting a goal of their own off of a free kick that was flicked on by one of our own players into the net. This meant the game was level at the break. However the team came out for the second half, determined to regain the lead. They did this soon after the restart. The team’s confidence kept on growing as they continued to play some excellent football. The team managed to add a further three goals in that half which resulted in the game finishing 5-1. Another excellent performance from the team with plenty of positives to take into their games after half term. 

Senior Boys v Immanuel (District League) HOME   Mr Cartledge

Date : Monday 18th October 2021

Result : Lost


Squad : A Sykes, H Plant, L Andrews, S Booth, P Kulasinghe, T Bates, C Lynch, H Mughal, A Kazmi, E Anthony, T Barnes, A Kothary, H Khan, F Rowe, M Keough

Commended performances : A Sykes, S Booth

Comment : Despite working hard throughout and continuing to try and play good football the Under 18 team were soundly beaten by a strong Immanuel team. 

Year 7 v Futures Academy (District League) AWAY   Mr Harris

Date : Tuesday 19th October 2021

Result : Won 4 – 1

Scorers : F. Fowler (3), N. Walters (1)

Squad : J. Hiett, Z. Zeb, R. Cooper, B. Neulaender, S. Ardeleanu, L. Browne, L. Dimon, L. Avci, H. McManus, H. Neal, N. Walters, J. Cunningham, F. Fowler

Commended performances : F. Fowler, H. Neal.

Comment : Tuesday afternoon we visited Futures Academy School, where our year 7’s faced off against a strong Futures side. Early in the first half we started brightly, winning the first and second ball, working hard for each other in and out of possession. Against the run of play, Futures broke through our defence on goal and managed to calmly slot one to their striker waiting in the box for an easy tap in. 1 – 0, we looked to bounce back quickly, we continued doing what we were doing well in the first half and continued to win the ball high up the pitch, breaking through their defence and having shots where the Futures Academy goalkeeper was equal to them. Later in the first half, we managed to break through and get our first goal through F. Fowler after a fantastic cross came into the box from H. Neal. From that point on we made our presence felt and we continued to create a number of chances. F. Fowler was soon on the end of another two great through balls to complete his hattrick late in the first half making the score, 3 – 1 to Bushey Meads. At the end of the first half, N. Walters managed to break through the line and convert his one on one with the goalkeeper taking the score to 4 – 1. In the second half we continued much of the same, dominating position and winning the ball. Later in the second half we began to tire and allowed Futures to create some chances of their own which J. Hiett was equal to, as always. Our defensive three of R. Cooper, B. Neulaender & Z. Zeb were excellent all goal, strong in the challenge and supporting each other throughout the game allowing Futures Academy to have very few chances. Overall, a hard working performance by all with some excellent football played, our first league win of the season. Well done all!


One of the activities most affected by covid over the last 18 months has been gymnastics with the PE Faculty unable to deliver any lessons in the activity area. It has been great this half term to see the boys in year 8 and year 9 completing units in apparatus work and vaulting and making really good progress in the quality of their work. The last week has seen groups take part in parkour style assault courses in the gym with some fantastic gymnastic athleticism on display. The PE Faculty are always looking to extend the range of activities we deliver to make sure we cater for the interests of all learners. We look forward to reporting on our World of Sport units later in the term.


Junior Girls v St.Michaels  (District League) Away  Miss Rollings

Date : Tuesday 19th October 2021

Result : Lost 6-1

Scorers : Ariella Benjamin

Squad : R.Gagiskyte, I.Wijerathna, M.Dillon, D.Beeton, L.Brown, I.Diston, J.Frumuselu, S.Seeby, M.Moore, A.Benjamin, E.Dillon, A.Khan, S.Kitto-Mentor

Commended performances : R.Gagiskyte, I.Wijerathna, M.Dillon

Comment : After a tough start to the season against Parmiters the girls bounced back with another tough game against St.Michaels. We started very well in the first half with some great challenges being made and brilliant goalkeeping by R.Gagiskyte. We created a few chances but were unable to convert these to goals due to outstanding goalkeeping on St.Michaels’ part. At the end of the first half we were down 2-0 but again came back fighting in the second half with some excellent challenges made by M.Dillon and I.Wijerathna. We had a few very close chances in the second half with a couple of one-on-one’s with St.Michaels goalkeeper but we unfortunately were unable to score. After a brilliant free-kick and other chances by St.Michaels we were trailing 6-0 but we continued to keep pressing and closing down our opposition leading to our first goal of the season. Overall an excellent performance by the whole team and very much improved upon our previous game, We look forward to welcoming Reach Free in our third game after half term.


Year 7 v Croxley Dances  (Away)    Mrs Cartledge

Date : Wednesday 13th  October 2021

Result : Lost  11-4

Squad : S Lisner, H Sookhoo, l Dene, K Shah, H Gascoigne, E Mullings. N Olubodun, A Khan, E Gijici, A Gibson

Commended performances ; H. Sookhoo for excellent movement on court.

Comment: This was the year 7’s first match this year. The girls began with confidence and produced some great interceptions particularly in the defending circle. At the end of the first quarter we were 3 goals down. After a reshuffle with some positions the girls began to produce some lovely passing and improved footwork. This was a promising first game for the girls and with continued practice and determination their performance will continue to improve. Well done.

Year 8 v Immanuel College  (Home)    Mrs Cooper

Date : Wednesday 13th October 2021

Result : Lost

Squad : S Doran, L Qarib, Z O’Brart, E Bird, M Bazile, V Hill, I Wijeranthna, L.Winslett, L.Cloote

Commended performances: M.Bazile voted for by the opposition for outstanding defensive work.

Comment: This was a really tough match for the yr 8 team against a very skilled Immanuel side.  Immanuel scored an early goal and in a very fast paced game quickly established an unassailable lead.  The BMS team never gave up and fought hard all over the court in order to reduce the deficit.

Fine defensive work from M.Bazile and Z.O’Brart assisted by L.Qarib and I.Wijerathna put the pressure on Immanuel but unfortunately the great defensive team from Immanuel stopped the BMS team from closing the gap.  A great learning game with some areas highlighted for practice after half term.  Well done girls for your never ending effort.

Year 8 v Croxley Danes  (Home)    Mrs Cooper

Date : Wednesday 13th October 2021

Result : Lost 2-1

Squad : S Doran, L Qarib, Z O’Brart, E Bird, M Bazile, V Hill, I Wijeranthna, L.Winslett, L.Cloote

Commended performances: M.Bazile voted for by the opposition for outstanding defensive work and transfer of the ball up court.

Comment: A frustrating loss for the year 8 girls who were the better team.  Taking an early lead BMS were unable to capitalise on their possession despite fine attacking play from L.Winslett, E.Bird and shooters S.Doran, L.Cloote and V.Hill.  The Croxley team had a very strong defence and made some great interceptions which  frustrated the BMS attack.  The second half was again very close but Croxley managed to score a late winner to snatch victory.  We go again next time ladies.

This week students in yr’s 8-11 took part in the Inter House netball competitions, results will be announced after Half Term. Well done to all the students who took part. The year 7 competition will also take part after Half Term when the students have participated in netball in their lessons.

For full details of ALL the clubs, fixtures and practices students and parents need to check on the Bushey Meads School website in the Calendar icon where you will find a full list of the extra-curricular activities. This is updated on a weekly basis to show the fixtures and practices for each week. In addition students can check the notice boards in the boys and girls changing rooms and in the main PE lobby. The PE and Health Faculty also have their own Twitter account which includes regular updates on fixtures, match reports and details of forthcoming events. 


All students who attend after school sports clubs will receive R2 Reward points every time they attend.

Students selected for teams will receive team sheets with start and finish times. Some clubs may change week by week depending on fixtures and meetings but parents should check the twitter account and the website for updates.

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