This week’s assembly, led by our Head of Sycamore House Mrs  Patel, resonated deeply with the essence of participation and its significance within our school community. With her guidance, we delved into the core values of community, teamwork and tolerance, all of which underscore the essence of active involvement.


Mrs   P atel eloquently articulated the importance of participation, emphasising its role in fostering a cohesive and inclusive environment. She reminded us that by actively engaging in school activities and initiatives, we not only contribute to the collective spirit of our house but also cultivate a sense of belonging and unity within our broader school community.One of the highlights of the assembly was Mrs Patel’s call to support the Red Trust Food Bank. She urged each one of us to contribute whatever we can, emphasising that even the smallest donation can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need within our community. It is heartening to see our Sycamore house rallying together for such a noble cause.


Moreover, Mrs Patel shed light on the upcoming Flair Week, commencing on the 23rd of March. This week promises a plethora of challenges and opportunities for us to showcase our talents, creativity and teamwork.
Let us embrace this week with enthusiasm and wholehearted participation, as it not only enriches our own experiences but also strengthens the bonds within our Sycamore house.

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