Student of the Week – Issue 25

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 25
Key Stage 3

Benji 8 Sycamore  – Benji is an enthusiastic, consistent and dillegent student.  He has over 100 achievement points from a variety of subjects, my favourite being “Beyond awesome homework project! Genuinely made my day. Continue being awesome!” Mr Lyley.  We are very proud of you and all your effort.  Keep being awesome and no doubt you will reach your potential!

Key Stage 4

Crystal 10 Maple – Crystal is a delightful student who is always striving to do her best in every aspect of school life.  Crystal has over 100 achievement points, excellent attendance and attitude to learning scores.  Crystal also contributes to the school community in several ways including recently joining the new reading mentors scheme.  Well done Crystal!


Key Stage 5

Anouska 12W and Georgia 12O – For being exemplary ambassadors of the Sixth Form at the Year 11 Consultation Evening.  Speaking to students in Year 11 and their parents about their experience of Year 11 as well as joining Sixth Form.  They were extremely helpful and very professional.  As well as this both students have made an excellent start to their sixth form journey.


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