Aspirational House Assembly

Jeremy Turner
Aspirational House Assembly

I always find our House Assemblies incredibly thought provoking and often a really inspiring way to start the day. Mrs Pattni’s Elm House Assembly on Wednesday of this week was no exception to this. Under the theme of Aspiration she went beyond the typical aspirations of ‘what we want to do when we are older’ to focus on the even more important aspects of aspiring to be the ‘best people we can be’. With a focus on Character, her final slide challenged us all with the statement I would like to be remembered as a person who is……. She left it up to us to complete the sentence as we exited the Main Hall to go about our daily walk and journey through Bushey Meads School. With moments like this we are constantly supported and encouraged to develop our character which will stand us in great shape to be successful in all walks of life in the future.

A big thank you once again to all our superb Heads of House for the great leadership they bring to our learning community and family here at BMS.
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