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Thought Provoking Beech House Assembly

Stephanie Knowles
Thought Provoking Beech House Assembly

Mr Mitchell, Head of Beech, delivered a thought provoking assembly to Beech House this Tuesday.  He talked about the many achievements that Beech house already have this year, such as 14 students across years 7 – 10 already having over 100 reward points. Mr Mitchell advised students to celebrate their own achievements and those of others and to see each achievement as a step towards another goal.  Beech House then got a chance of joining in the assembly by voting for the best achievement.  Try it yourself:

  • Was putting a man on the moon a greater achievement than the creation of the internet?
  • Was climbing Everest a greater achievement than the first ever flight?
  • Was creation of vaccines a greater achievement than the creation of written language?

The purpose behind this was to underline Mr Mitchell’s central point: that achievement is personal and individual and the importance of having the right, positive mindset.

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