Poignant Willow House Assembly

Jeremy Turner
Poignant Willow House Assembly

Head of Willow House Mrs Speker led a very poignant House Assembly earlier this week under the Theme of the Week Participation that reminded students of the importance of participating positively in society to make a difference in society and the world. She asked the students to reflect on thoughts related to Holocaust Memorial Day which every year is held on January 27th and is a day dedicated to the memory of those whose lives were lost to genocide, coinciding with the the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. She told very moving and personal stories about her Great Grandfather, her Grandmother and her Grandmother’s sister who all experienced the horrors of the Holocaust during World War 2.Unfortunately genocides have still happened since World War 2 and are still going on today in some parts of our world. The assembly finished with Head Girl Georgina Bryant reading a very moving poem that encouraged us all to remember and stand together to make a better world. 

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