Sixth Form Scientists lead main school assemblies on the theme of Innovation

Jeremy Turner
Sixth Form Scientists lead main school...

Under the expert direction of our hard working and dedicated Head of Science Mr O’Brien, it was inspiring to see and hear four of our top Sixth Form Scientists leading the main school assemblies this week under the theme of Innovation.

Publicising British Science Week and the hugely exciting programme of scientific related lectures, presentations and practical activities taking place next week at BMS, which are open to all students, they were brilliant role models for the many in the audience who want to be our top scientists of the future. Pictured here speaking to over 430 students and staff in the Year 8 and 9 assembly on Tuesday morning, they explained some of the really cutting edge scientific discoveries that are literally poised to transform our world.Each and every year growing numbers of students at BMS are choosing our increasingly popular vocational BTEC and A level science pathways at Post 16 and move onto very exciting university courses and well paid apprenticeships, leading to a diverse range of scientific careers that continue to make a difference in society.

The assemblies have been a great start to the day!

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