Battle of the sexes

At the recent Open Sixth Form evening, Miss Lister and several of her Year 12 pupils asked a poignant question; who does better in education, boys or girls?

People were invited to place their vote via a tally chart on what sex they believed was the dominant learner and Miss Lister took this away for analysis.
We discovered that both sides put up a good fight but girls won with 120 votes to 40 votes for boys.  This supported by recent educational research where recent data analysis suggests that boys are struggling to keep up with girls at key curriculum milestones.
By Key Stage 2 (7 to 11 year olds) girls are already moving ahead of boys in their test scores. In the 2015 test scores, around 83% of girls achieved a level 4 or higher score, whereas only 77% of boys in the same age group were able to attain level 4 or higher.
These trends continued up to GCSE level, with around 10% more girls earning 5 or more 4 – 9 grades than boys who were achieving the same standard.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into what we learn in sociology and hope to see you at an open day soon

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